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We’re proud to present these Twin Cities direct sales reps for Beautycounter!

Kate Winter (We’re waiting for your info, Katie!)

Catherine Radecki (We’re waiting for your info, Catherine!)

Amy Lundstrom (We’re waiting for your info, Amy!)

Brenna Schwartzenburg



Phone Number: 712-209-2146

City: Minneapolis

Description: The last federal law governing personal care products in the United States was passed in 1938, restricting only 11 toxic chemicals. Beautycounter formulates and manufactures safe and high performing cosmetics, skincare, body and kids products without using toxic ingredients linked to human health issues. Our mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. We meticulously screen our ingredients, so your beauty ritual can come with peace of mind. Contact me to make the #switchtosafer.


Kristin Young (We’re waiting for your info, Kristin!)