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We’re proud to present these Twin Cities direct sales reps for Beautycounter!

Jennifer Crews

Jennifer Crews Beautycounter


City: Eagan

Description: Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. We formulate and manufacture safe and high-performance products without using toxic ingredients linked to human health issues. With Beautycounter, you know everything that is in your products; we disclose every single ingredient.  We have everything from skin care to body products, color cosmetics, kids products and more.

You can get involved in three ways:

1. Client – Begin to educate yourself and start making safer choices for you and your family.  When you shop with Beautycounter, you know you are enjoying safe products that perform.

2. Member – Members are some of our most loyal customers who shop with us regularly and receive some incredible perks.

3. Consultant – The most exciting way to join Beautycounter.  If you are passionate about the mission and want to share it with others and are interested in learning more about the opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact me!