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We’re inviting mamas on both ends of the age spectrum to join us in two NEW groups here on Twin Cities Moms! First, is our very popular “Over 40 Club” for mamas who are over 40 years old (or getting close!) and who want to chat with mamas the same age. Whether you became a mom years ago and are raising older children or are a brand-new mom over 40, we have members in the club that you can chat with!

Our second club, which is so new it’s opening right NOW is our “25 and Under” club for younger moms who want support and friendship from other young moms in the Twin Cities. Any mom who is younger than 25 from the Twin Cities is welcome to join! Find support and information about raising kids in the Twin Cities while being on the younger end of the parenting spectrum!

We hope you’ll also check out our clubs for moms of kids at various stages like our Toddlers Club, Preschooler Club, Early Elementary Club and Tweens Club! We also have Due Date Clubs for expectant and new moms which are VERY popular and are getting new mamas together sharing info and getting their new mom questions answered!

Feel free to join as many clubs as apply to your personal family situation! We have mamas in more than one club for different reasons and would love to have you join!

Twin Cities Moms Over 40 Club

Twin Cities Moms Under 25 Club


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