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Twin Cities Free Outdoor Movies 2016 |

Twin Cities Free Outdoor Movies Twin Cities Moms

The ultimate free entertainment in the Twin Cities each summer! Free outdoor movies!

There’s nothing better than bringing blankets and chairs to the neighborhood park, popping some popcorn, toting along a flashlight and some glow necklaces and having fun under the stars!

This guide will list EVERY free outdoor movie in the Twin Cities! Best of all, instead of just a list you have to scroll through, we created an ENTIRE CATEGORY in our Kids & Family Calendar so that they’ll pop up on your phone as they’re scheduled and show up in our regular list of Kid and Family events in the Twin Cities!

No lists to keep track of! No posts to bookmark! Just hop on our calendar and everything is listed by the day it’s showing including maps to the movies!


Have you added our Kids & Family Calendar to your phone’s home screen yet? Just make a shortcut (check the bookmarks setting in your phone’s browser for a “Home” option) and it works just like an app! You’ll always know when and where fun is happening in the Twin Cities this summer!

Here’s the link to make your shortcut:

We’re adding more and more of these free outdoor movies every single day as cities and park departments announce them so keep checking our calendar!

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Some tips for free outdoor movies in the Twin Cities:

1. Bring bug spray! This is the Twin Cities after all!

2. Some locations sell concessions, but consider popping your own popcorn and packing your own drinks to save money and save trips to the concession stand.

3. Dress warm. You know the Twin Cities! It can be 80 and humid at 6pm and downright chilly by the time the sun sets! Bring a layer for the top and maybe a thin blanket for bare legs.

4. Get there early! Movies that start at dusk typically start seating at least an hour in advance. Save a great spot with a large blanket and explore the parks to pass the time. Bring some distractions if you have little ones….card games, a small board game or a ball.

5. As long as you’re there early, scope out the bathroom situation BEFORE the movie starts and before it gets dark! Bring a flashlight to make trips to the bathroom easier.

Enjoy! We only get a few months of really fantastic weather so make the most of them with a movie under the stars!

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Twin Cities Easter Events 2016 |


Last year, we posted a huge list of Easter events for families in the Twin Cities! This year, it’s going to be even bigger! We’re getting the Easter egg rolling a little early this time around because Easter is earlier this year and some of these events require (or suggest) registration in advance!

Check out these family Easter events in the Twin Cities that we pulled from the full version of the Twin Cities Moms Kids & Family Calendar!

Whether you’re looking for a photo opp with the Bunny himself, or an egg hunt for your kiddos, this list will have something for you! We will have compiled over 50 Twin Cities Easter events by the time we’re done! We’ve found what is claimed to be the biggest egg hunt in Minnesota, a brunch with the Easter bunny, and even an old-fashioned egg hunt on the lawn of a historic home! Let’s just hope the weather holds out for all of them!

Tip: Browse to the calendar on your phone and create a shortcut to it on your Home screen and our calendar works just like an app on your phone! It’s updated throughout the day and as events end, they fall off the list keeping you completely up-to-date on what’s going on in the Twin Cities!

Make your shortcut:

Do you know of an Easter event not featured here? Let us know about it! Send us an email at Churches, youth groups, cities, counties, shops, photographers, schools and community ed programs are all welcome to add their events at NO CHARGE to our Kids & Family Calendar anytime!

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Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Events – 2015


Whether you’re looking for an early celebration, some fun outside or an active day of play we have you covered in this roundup of fun, family-friendly New Year’s Eve activities in the Twin Cities!


What do you do for New Year’s Eve? Do you go out for an adults-only night out or do you celebrate at home with the family? Come back to our post on Facebook and let us know! Are you following us on Facebook? Nearly 16,000 other local moms already are! Join us!


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Are you following Twin Cities Moms on Facebook? (Over 24,000 other Twin Cities moms already are!) Facebook has changed the way it shows posts in your news feed. To never miss a post of ours on Facebook and to see everything we post, go to our Facebook page, click on the “Liked” button and then click on “See First”. Without doing this, you will likely only see a tiny fraction of what we post on Twin Cities Moms. Thank you!

Target Ending Their Take Charge of Education Donation Program –

Target Take Charge of Education Twin Cities Moms

The last thing this PTC mom wanted to hear on the radio as I parked at school for pickup this afternoon was this news. Target is ending their, “Take Charge of Education” donation program where a percentage of sales put on customers’ RedCards (debit or credit) is donated to local schools.

For many schools in the Twin Cities, this will result in a significant loss of fundraising income that many districts use for technology purchases, books, supplies, playground equipment and other necessary purchases.

Target will instead be focusing their donations on the categories of, “health and wellness” instead of education but says that they will continue to donate money to the same communities and at the same percentage as the previous program. The only thing that will change will be the beneficiaries.

Considering some school districts are realizing fundraising returns of $100,000 or more from the Target program, this will cause many schools to have to seek out new fundraising opportunities or make some difficult decisions about how to fund programs previously covered by Target fundraising.

For now, families still have the opportunity to designate their school on their RedCard and fundraising will continue through May 2016. It’s expected that schools will receive their last donation in July 2016.

Next steps for moms in the Twin Cities: Setup your child’s school designation (or another neighborhood school near you if your kids aren’t in school yet) and help schools earn the most they can while the program is still active! You can designate a school for your RedCard donation here.

What do you think of this? Come over to our thread on Facebook to talk about Target’s change to their fundraising program.


Target Testing Grocery Delivery in the Twin Cities
Twin Cities Moms Ages & Stages Clubs
Twin Cities Moms Due Date Clubs

Target Testing Grocery Delivery in the Twin Cities –

Target Grocery Delivery Service Twin Cities Moms
Alright moms, hang on to your shopping bags! Big news about the often-talked about Target grocery delivery service is finally available!

Starting on Tuesday, Target will test grocery delivery here in the Twin Cities! Complete details about how it will work aren’t available yet, but Target’s goal is to deliver perishables and household goods to homes in St. Louis Park, Edina, Hopkins, Richfield and the Dinkytown Uptown and Downtown portions of Minneapolis in about an hour! They’ll tie into a service called Instacart to get the job done.

Yet another reason to love living in the Twin Cities! Having Target based here gives us first crack at so many new offerings!

The service will have a cost, as we’d expect. If you want your groceries in two hours, there will be a $3.99 charge and a one hour delivery window will cost $5.99. For both delivery options, a minimum order of $35 is required.

We understand that Target wants to compete in the grocery delivery game, but this sort of goes against the main thing we moms always say drives our shopping at Target….going in for one thing and coming out with a $100 shopping cart full of stuff we never intended to buy! If this is something you struggle with (who doesn’t?) this might help by keeping you out of the store altogether. However, we wonder if prices will also move upward as well. Has anyone else noticed the prices at Target creeping up lately?

Do you currently use some sort of grocery delivery service? Which one? Do you think Target can compete on the local grocery delivery scene?

Will you try the new Target grocery deliver service?

Come over to Twin Cities Moms on Facebook and let us know what YOU think about Target’s new grocery delivery service!

Twin Cities Moms Ages & Stages Clubs –

September 9, 2015 Advice



Twin Cities Moms Ages & Stages Clubs

Fresh off the heels of a total relaunch and big “push” (no pun intended! haha!) of our super-popular due date clubs, we’re announcing our new, “Ages & Stages Clubs” to give moms at ANY part of their parenting marathon an opportunity to connect with other local Twin Cities Moms!

We have a Toddlers Club, Preschoolers Club, Early Elementary Club and Tweens Club. If there’s enough interest we’ll also create a Teens Club. If you have kids in any of these age groups, please join as many as apply! You’ll be able to share and ask for advice fom other moms in the exact stage you’re in with your kids, plan meetups and get-togethers and generally support one another as you move through the same stages together!

We also need volunteer admins for each of these clubs, so if you’re interested in participating and having an active role with Twin Cities Moms and helping to guide the conversations a bit, we’d love to have you! Shoot us an email at and let us know which club you’d like to help lead!

If you have a child less than a year old as of today, September 9th, you can still join one of our due date clubs for your child’s birth month! Our groups are growing every single day!

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