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Introducing the Twin Cities Moms Direct Sales Guide! –

November 10, 2015 Updates


Twin Cities Moms Direct Sales Guide

You asked and we’re delivering! We get several requests every week from moms in the Twin Cities who represent various direct sales companies asking if we can promote their products and events!

A few months ago, we asked our readers if there would be interest in having a direct sales guide here on Twin Cities Moms where moms who are looking for a representative of a specific company could come and find everything they need in one place! Well, the response was amazing and we’re happy to announce that our direct sales guide here on Twin Cities Moms will be ready just in time for the holidays!

Whether you’re a customer-to-be looking for great products sold by local moms or are a representative for a company, everything you need will be here on Twin Cities Moms in a dedicated section of our site! For less than $30 per year, you can be one of just SEVEN representatives from your company listed in your county!

At less than the cost of a small Starbucks per month, you’ll be one of just a few representatives in your hyper-local area representing your favorite direct sales company!

We know direct sales companies are popular, not just as a way of making extra money but also for their innovative products. We want to provide a place for moms in our community to find a local rep right in their neighborhood should they decide to try out a specific product! It’s just another way we’re connecting moms to one another in the Twin Cities!

Here are the details:

* Seven reps from each company will be allowed from each county. We are including all of the seven-county metro area as well as St. Croix county in Wisconsin (because we love our readers in Hudson and beyond!).   **Just added! Wright County, by popular demand!

* The cost will be less than $30 per year! At about the cost of a cup of coffee each month, this is a fantastic price for putting yourself in front of our Twin Cities Moms readership!

* Your reservation locks your space for one year, PLUS you get the opportunity to renew again next year without risking losing your space!

* Reserve by November 30th and you’ll also receive a $15 advertising coupon good toward any other advertising option we offer valued at $25 or more to use in 2016!

* We will promote our Direct Sales Guide regularly throughout the year on all of our social media channels and our email newsletter! We’re currently in front of 14,400+ local moms on Facebook with 1,000’s more following us on other social media and by email! Add your special sale or event to a dedicated Direct Sales Guide page on our main site too!

*You’ll also have access to a *secret* Facebook group just for our Twin Cities Moms Direct Sales Guide members! Network with each other, share best practices and chat with other local moms in the direct sales industry in our area! Twin Cities Moms staff will also moderate the discussion and offer links to resources, tips and other business-building ideas!

Exciting, isn’t it?! =)

Here’s how to get started:

1. Fill out this form. It’s time-stamped so we’ll know in which order you submitted your request to join the guide. We’ll accept the first seven reps in each county per company. If you have already submitted a request via email earlier this year you’re already on our list and will have a space already reserved but we will need you to submit AGAIN so we can get updated information.

2. Respond to the email you receive from us! Be sure to leave your BEST email in that form so you don’t miss it! An invoice will be sent to the PayPal email address that you provide. Your invoice should arrive about 1-2 days after you submit the form not counting weekends.

3. Let your teammates know about this guide! If they are local and actually live in our seven-county metro area or St. Croix County in Wisconsin, they are eligible for a listing too! Maybe consider sponsoring a space for a new team member or offer to reimburse a teammate as a reward for reaching a particular milestone!

4. Enjoy and have fun! We want this to be an incredible resource for moms in our community while also providing a service both to customers and the representatives who serve them!

Ready? Fill out this reservation form to get started!

Questions? Just email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


AAP: NO Amount of Alcohol Safe During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and alcohol wine

Put down that wine glass, pregnant mama….there are specific guidelines about drinking alcohol (even wine) during pregnancy that you need to know about.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a report indicating that NO amount of alcohol during pregnancy should be considered safe. They write, “no amount of alcohol should be considered safe to drink during any trimester of pregnancy.”

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) comprise a wide range of effects that are seen in children whose mothers consumed alcohol of some sort at varying times during their pregnancies. These effects can range from neurological deficits, to behavioral problems and cognitive delays.

The statistics on how affected children are based on when their mothers consumed alcohol show, “First-trimester drinking, compared to no drinking, results in 12 times the odds of giving birth to a child with FASDs. First- and second-trimester drinking increased FASDs odds 61 times, and women who drink during all trimesters increased the likelihood of FASD odds by a factor of 65.”

This is why the Academy has advised that all pregnant women, regardless of their stage of pregnancy avoid alcohol completely. One of the study’s lead authors, Dr. Janet Williams says,

“The research suggests that the smartest choice for women who are pregnant is to just abstain from alcohol completely”.

Read the complete report for more information about alcohol and pregnancy guidelines.

Twin Cities Not-So-Spooky Halloween Activities –

Twin Cities Halloween Events Twin Cities Moms
So you have a little one who adores dressing up and going trick-or-treating but isn’t *quite* ready for the spooky events around town? We have the ultimate list of “not-so-spooky” Halloween events in the Twin Cities and will be adding to it every day until Halloween!

Whether you’re looking for a community Halloween party, a trick-or-treat event during the daytime, a pumpkin carving contest or anything in between, we’ll have a full list for you! Bookmark this page now AND be sure to add our Twin Cities Moms Kids & Family Calendar as a shortcut on your phone’s home screen! It works just like an app and will keep you connected to what’s happening around town for kids and families!

Do you know of a Twin Cities Halloween event for kids and families that we should add to this list? Click on the green, “Post Your Event” button below and add it for free now!

Be sure to also come back to our post on Facebook about our “not-so-spooky” event calendar and share some of YOUR favorite events for the little goblins in your life!

Advertising Opportunities on

September 22, 2015 Updates


Autumn Advertising Twin Cities Moms

If you’ve been interested in advertising on we have some flexible advertising packages available through 9/28. We will be offering a maximum of nine packages at special low rates through this date.

Package A: Six months of display advertising rotation in our prime header location (size is 300 X 250) which displays beautifully on both the desktop and mobile versions of our entire site as well as within our Kids & Family Calendar and Guide. This package also includes three social media mentions across our Facebook and Twitter channels during your six months (of your choosing….you decide when and what we mention for you). Also includes one Twin Cities Moms email newsletter mention in a month of your choosing.

Package B: Everything in Package A  -plus- an additional ad (two different images which rotate between each other) and one extra month of rotation. Also includes an additional email newsletter mention in a month of your choosing (two total) during the seven months.

Package C: Everything in Package B -plus- 1 additional social media mention in a month of your choosing.

We have a limited number of these packages available and reservations expire on 9/28. Pricing will be made available with your email request. If you would like to claim one of these packages, please email and include the name of your business and a copy of the 300 x 250 ad(s) you would like to use. Twin Cities Moms, LLC reserves the right to reject any ad or advertiser for any reason. Family-friendly only, please.

We also have advertising options for different placements/sizes as well as advertising options in our Due Date Clubs  email newsletter. Please feel free to inquire about those as well! We will work with you to create a flexible package that works for you and your business! Feel free to ask questions!

We look forward to working with you!

Free Sam’s Club Membership for New or Expecting Moms! –

Free Sam's Membership for New Moms Twin Cities Moms


Exciting news for mamas-to-be and new moms (with kiddos under a year old)! You can get a free one-year Sam’s Club membership! It takes a little time on the phone with a rep, but the membership deal is working and available now!

If you have some time tonight and can stand being on hold for a little while, this might be worthwhile to you!

Get the details here from Hip2Save!

Tell us how it went on our Facebook page!

Be sure to also join our Due Date Clubs and Ages & Stages Clubs and share your experience with this deal there with other moms of kids the same ages as yours! Our clubs keep local moms connected with other moms who have kids the same age!

Twin Cities Moms Due Date Clubs


Twin Cities Moms Ages & Stages Clubs

Target Ending Their Take Charge of Education Donation Program –

Target Take Charge of Education Twin Cities Moms

The last thing this PTC mom wanted to hear on the radio as I parked at school for pickup this afternoon was this news. Target is ending their, “Take Charge of Education” donation program where a percentage of sales put on customers’ RedCards (debit or credit) is donated to local schools.

For many schools in the Twin Cities, this will result in a significant loss of fundraising income that many districts use for technology purchases, books, supplies, playground equipment and other necessary purchases.

Target will instead be focusing their donations on the categories of, “health and wellness” instead of education but says that they will continue to donate money to the same communities and at the same percentage as the previous program. The only thing that will change will be the beneficiaries.

Considering some school districts are realizing fundraising returns of $100,000 or more from the Target program, this will cause many schools to have to seek out new fundraising opportunities or make some difficult decisions about how to fund programs previously covered by Target fundraising.

For now, families still have the opportunity to designate their school on their RedCard and fundraising will continue through May 2016. It’s expected that schools will receive their last donation in July 2016.

Next steps for moms in the Twin Cities: Setup your child’s school designation (or another neighborhood school near you if your kids aren’t in school yet) and help schools earn the most they can while the program is still active! You can designate a school for your RedCard donation here.

What do you think of this? Come over to our thread on Facebook to talk about Target’s change to their fundraising program.


Target Testing Grocery Delivery in the Twin Cities
Twin Cities Moms Ages & Stages Clubs
Twin Cities Moms Due Date Clubs

Target Testing Grocery Delivery in the Twin Cities –

Target Grocery Delivery Service Twin Cities Moms
Alright moms, hang on to your shopping bags! Big news about the often-talked about Target grocery delivery service is finally available!

Starting on Tuesday, Target will test grocery delivery here in the Twin Cities! Complete details about how it will work aren’t available yet, but Target’s goal is to deliver perishables and household goods to homes in St. Louis Park, Edina, Hopkins, Richfield and the Dinkytown Uptown and Downtown portions of Minneapolis in about an hour! They’ll tie into a service called Instacart to get the job done.

Yet another reason to love living in the Twin Cities! Having Target based here gives us first crack at so many new offerings!

The service will have a cost, as we’d expect. If you want your groceries in two hours, there will be a $3.99 charge and a one hour delivery window will cost $5.99. For both delivery options, a minimum order of $35 is required.

We understand that Target wants to compete in the grocery delivery game, but this sort of goes against the main thing we moms always say drives our shopping at Target….going in for one thing and coming out with a $100 shopping cart full of stuff we never intended to buy! If this is something you struggle with (who doesn’t?) this might help by keeping you out of the store altogether. However, we wonder if prices will also move upward as well. Has anyone else noticed the prices at Target creeping up lately?

Do you currently use some sort of grocery delivery service? Which one? Do you think Target can compete on the local grocery delivery scene?

Will you try the new Target grocery deliver service?

Come over to Twin Cities Moms on Facebook and let us know what YOU think about Target’s new grocery delivery service!

Twin Cities Moms Ages & Stages Clubs –

September 9, 2015 Advice



Twin Cities Moms Ages & Stages Clubs

Fresh off the heels of a total relaunch and big “push” (no pun intended! haha!) of our super-popular due date clubs, we’re announcing our new, “Ages & Stages Clubs” to give moms at ANY part of their parenting marathon an opportunity to connect with other local Twin Cities Moms!

We have a Toddlers Club, Preschoolers Club, Early Elementary Club and Tweens Club. If there’s enough interest we’ll also create a Teens Club. If you have kids in any of these age groups, please join as many as apply! You’ll be able to share and ask for advice fom other moms in the exact stage you’re in with your kids, plan meetups and get-togethers and generally support one another as you move through the same stages together!

We also need volunteer admins for each of these clubs, so if you’re interested in participating and having an active role with Twin Cities Moms and helping to guide the conversations a bit, we’d love to have you! Shoot us an email at and let us know which club you’d like to help lead!

If you have a child less than a year old as of today, September 9th, you can still join one of our due date clubs for your child’s birth month! Our groups are growing every single day!

As always, we hope you’re already a follower of ours on Facebook where we have nearly 13,000 local Twin Cities Moms connecting with other moms, getting info on what’s happening around the Twin Cities and enjoying a little fun here and there! We have pop-up giveaways and lots of other fun stuff to help take your mind off diapers, carpool and sleepless nights. 😉

We’re also over on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and our free email newsletter!

Join a Twin Cities Moms Due Date Club! –

September 4, 2015 Updates


Twin Cities Moms Due Date Clubs Are you an expectant mama eager to talk with other local Twin Cities moms who are due the same month? Do you want to share your hopes, dreams, concerns….or gripes (haha!) about whatever stage of pregnancy you’re currently enjoying?

Our due date clubs are just one more resource we’ve created to bring you information, resources and connection with other moms in the Twin Cities! Whether you’ve just learned you’re expecting, are ready to pop, or already had your baby, we have a group for you! Join at any stage!

Even if you’re headed toward baby’s first birthday, we have a group for you! Just join the group for the month your baby was born and connect with other local moms! Plan get-togethers, playdates, mom’s nights (or days) out…whatever you like!

Are you interested in taking a leadership role for your baby’s birth month? We could always use group admins who help facilitate the conversation or plan events (if you like…not required). Email if you’re interested!

Let’s get started!

Just choose your baby’s birth month or your expected due-date month. You can change your group later if your baby makes an early or later-than-planned arrival! Or belong to both if you’ve already made connections!


Waiting to Adopt Club: Open to all mamas at any stage of the adoptive process.
International Adoption Club: Open to all mamas considering or going through an international adoption.

2014 Due Date Clubs

September 2014 Due Date Club
October 2014 Due Date Club
November 2014 Due Date Club
December 2014 Due Date Club

2015 Due Date Clubs

January 2015 Due Date Club
February 2015 Due Date Club
March 2015 Due Date Club
April 2015 Due Date Club
May 2015 Due Date Club
June 2015 Due Date Club
July 2015 Due Date Club
August 2015 Due Date Club
September 2015 Due Date Club
October 2015 Due Date Club
November 2015 Due Date Club
December 2015 Due Date Club

2016 Due Date Clubs

January 2016 Due Date Club
February 2016 Due Date Club
March 2016 Due Date Club
April 2016 Due Date Club
May 2016 Due Date Club
June 2016 Due Date Club
July 2016 Due Date Club
August 2016 Due Date Club
September 2016 Due Date Club
October 2016 Due Date Club
November 2016 Due Date Club
December 2016 Due Date Club


Be sure to also join our Due Date Clubs email newsletter and get advance notification of local new mom and baby events, sales and support groups!

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