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Teach Your Kids How to Grow Tomatoes the Easy Way! |

If you’ve decided that this is the year you’ll take a stab at gardening or getting your kids involved in learning where their food comes from, this is really easy way to start! Growing tomatoes this way is easy, educational and can save money using tomatoes you may already have that are spoiling or over-ripe.

What we love about this method to grow tomatoes is that it’s an easy way to show your kids the life-cycle of a plant all the way from the original fruit, to it’s planting, it’s early growth and finally maturity. Take it a step further and use the tomatoes to make homemade pasta sauce, pizza sauce or salsa!

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A dream laundry room! Her $400 DIY makeover!

Coolest laundry room makeover

Have you ever looked around your laundry room and said, “Ugh….I hate it. It’s not functional. It doesn’t have storage. I can’t really sort or DO anything here?” (Ok, maybe that’s just me projecting….we have a very small laundry room!)

This mom totally tricked out her laundry room and some of the features are so cool! The drying center is amazing and she did all of this DIY makeover on a one-income budget for her family of six children!

We love finding cool organizational hacks like this! We have a bunch more over on our Staying Organized board on Pinterest too!

What’s YOUR best organizational hack for your home? Share it in the comments below or comment on some of our pins!

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